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I frequently get asked questions like:
“Should I get into this type of business or career?” and
“How do I determine what business will be the most successful?”
“Should I get into real-estate/stocks/apps/etc.?”
At least these people are asking questions.
Many times, people don’t even think about these questions at all and simply get swept along with life as it unfolds.
Unfortunately, most people follow this strategy:
1) Gain skills
2) Look for a job or career that seems to fit those skills
3) Once they have the job, try and fit themselves to the job.
I believe and know that to be successful and feel fulfilled, this is the wrong approach.
To build a successful life and business or career, you really have to take a look at who you are and what you are passionate  about.
We should create the career or business that best fits us.

As there are almost an infinite amount of opportunities for a business (and also as many people that exclaim ‘this is the best!’ ), my suggestion is to use the following framework to develop a business idea that fits you…and therefore will allow you live the life you’d like to have on a daily basis and a greatly improve your chances or success!

First, picture how you would want your daily life to be like:

  1. What people would you like to be around (this includes customers/clients)?
  2. How would you like to spend your time? (Do you want to travel more, reading more, with family/friends, serving your church/community, etc?)
  3. Where and how do you want to live? (In the city, on the beach, in the mountains, in the country, small town, big city, etc?)
  4. What type of work/business activities do you enjoy doing?
For instance, when I started to re-tool my life, I wanted to be able to help other people succeed and have conversations with interesting, forward thinking people. I wanted to have control over my daily schedule. I wanted to be able to read more. Have a modest home in a warm climate near the beach.

Second, Develop some lists of things about you

Once you have this base daily vision, now you can start to develop an ideas for business  that are best suited to you.

To get the ideas going and matched to YOU, think about:
  1. What skills do you have that others may find useful? You’d be surprised that those skills, whatever they are, if packaged and presented to the right audience will have value and people will pay you for them. The product may simply be a eBook, course, step-by-step, etc. Don’t worry at this point about how you might package and market it, how to write a book or course. These things are easily learned. But having a product that you have skills in can get you rolling fast.
    (If you’re having trouble thinking about these, ask your friends what skills they think you have. If they have noticed them, they have probably benefited from them and therefore it is likely that others will too )
  2. What subjects do you have a unique or useful knowledge about? Now these should be things that you have an affinity for and some level of true knowledge.  For any of these, there are always people that don;t have the knowledge or expertise and would benefit from you providing it.  And, if you like it and have an affinity for it, you can more easily increase your knowledge and continue to become more of an expert and provide more value which people will buy.
  3.  What special challenges or experiences have you been through?  In this case, these are things that you got through, succeeded at.  And, there are many people that may be going through the same thing that would benefit from your hard-fought experience.  This is true value.
  4. What activities/things do you NOT like to do (that you have actually had experience with)? It is important to recognize things you don’t like to do and minimize the need for YOU to do them in a business you are developing. (Of course, there will be some things you won’t like doing that are part and parcel of running a business…but certainly do not have them the main aspects of what you business is about 🙂

Create a List of Your Possible Businesses

Now, using items from these lists (combining them into potential combinations) create potential ideas for a business.
Note that at this stage, nothing is too crazy to envision. There is so much opportunity to sell ANYTHING that has true value.
Once you have these, it’s easy to narrow the list into which one’s have the best probability of success.  Then its just a matter of starting the path to build a strategy to build the business.
When you are at this point, please contact or request a strategy call with me and I can work with you to start turning this into an action plan.

The point is that these business ideas will be aligned to YOU.

 When this is the case, it is much easier and rewarding to do the work.
It’s easier to be motivated.
To push through the difficulties.
To develop the faith that you can do this and the persistence to make it happen!
As always, StayOnTheRise!
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