The Rise, Fall and Rebuild to a Purposeful Life
(Pt. 2)


January, 2017


Hopefully, you had a chance to listen to Part 1 of my story (The Fall)

Here is Part 2 of the Interview where I discuss how I was able to start (and continue to) Rebuild myself and lead a purpose-filled and happy life. (And You Can Too!)

Twenty years ago, I was ‘living the dream’.

I was making over $250K a year, had a million dollar home, new and expensive cars and lavish travel and living. But, I was NOT wealthy.

The money flowed out almost as fast as it flowed in.

I thought I was rich. I was really just like most people today – working hard to make money but with no real wealth. I didn’t even realize the trap I was in.

And then I lost it all.
My job, house and even my freedom.

Just seven years ago I was homeless, doing day labor with a mountain of debt. I finally had to face the fact that I was truly broke.
And that if I didn’t do something different, I would stay trapped.

I was recently invited to do a series of candid interviews with the nationally Syndicated Radio Networks Evangelism Radio and Freedom Through Faith Radio Network where I had the opportunity to relate my story: how God gave me a hard lesson and how He lifted me up and gave me a new purpose: To prosper so that I could prosper others!

I remind myself each day of the following quote and it is the motto of Stay On The Rise:

“Be happy where you are.
Be grateful for where you are.
But never settle for where you are.
Stay on the rise until the day you die.”
– Charlie Munger

I hope that my story can give other’s hope. That you do not have to stay where you are. That you can change yourself – your mindset, habits and thoughts.

With these changes, you can start to build and eventually do and be the person you wish to be. To live a rich and prosperous life!

If you missed Part 1, you can listen here: The Rise, Fall and Rebuild to a Purposeful Life (Pt. 1)

Stay tuned for Part3!

As always,

Stay On The Rise!


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