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Whether just starting out in business, striking out on your own, growing within a business or re-building your own vision, StayOnTheRise provides the insight, information and strategies to help you succeed and grow.

To be successful in your business life and financially, you need to tools and guidance based on developing a vision for you and then mentorship to build a strategy for YOUR success.

Widely recognised as the most effective course for getting you to success in business on the Internet, JT’s vision brings together his 25+ years of experience as a developer, business owner and entrepreneur together with content from interviews with industry leaders and top authors so your dream can thrive!

JT McGibbon

About John (JT) McGibbon

Poor -> Wealthy -> Homeless -> Entrepreneur -> Mentor

With over 30 years of experience working as an intrapreneur/innovator at NCS/Pearson, Dimensional Medicine, Dynamic Healthcare, Cerner and Fujifilm, USA and now as an entrepreneur with two of his own software businesses, JT brings his unique experience in vision, humility, integrity, sales, marketing and business development to the StayOnTheRise community.

Coming from fairly humble beginnings (a large, lower-middle class family), JT started his career after trade-school; becoming a electronics technician. Due to a great work ethic, superb mentors, diligence and positioning himself for opportunities, JT was able to quickly rise from a repair technician to middle and upper management, eventually becoming a Senior VP and C-suite executive at the companies for which he worked. JT enjoyed the privileges, status and wealth that came from this life

However, JT’s ego and arrogance predicted his eventual fall.  Enamored with his success and money, JT fell into the trap of extravagant living, parties and a lifestyle which accommodated an ever increasing use of cocaine and alcohol to sate his needs.  Although the decline was not immediate, it was inevitable.

7 years ago, JT found himself with 3/4 of a million dollars in personal debt, homeless, divorced and out of work – a crack-addict living on the street with few prospects.

While sitting in a ratty recliner where he was sleeping for a few days, JT realized that he no longer wanted to live like this and that to re-build, he had to change himself and take the actions to re-build.

Getting the initial help through AA and then developing a vision for his life and financial future, JT applied the lessons learned from mentors, his successes and failure now properly aligned with a true humility to come back to financial independence and a position to help others succeed.

JT now owns two successful software businesses and provides consulting regularly with businesses and other entrepreneurs. He also realizes that his success is not his own and is now sharing the techniques, habits and strategies with others through the StayOnTheRise course and mentorship programs.

“If I could do it, so can you. Stay On The Rise!” – JT McGibbon

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