“Be happy where you are. Be grateful for where you are.
But never settle for where you are.
Stay on the rise until the day you die.”
– Charlie Munger

Are you:

  • Just starting out in your career?
  • Feeling stuck in your current job/career?
  • Trying to grow your value within an existing business?
  • Attempting a ‘side-project’ to gain financial independence?
  • Looking at starting an entrepreneurial business?
  • Desire to that your start-up to sustainability?

The vision of JT McGibbon, StayOnTheRise helps you succeed in defining a vision, developing strategies and building knowledge/habits that will allow you to succeed in any level of business.

Widely recognised as the most effective course for getting you to business success on the Internet, JT brings together his 30+ years of experience as a developer, business owner and entrepreneur together with content from interviews with industry leaders and top authors to help you acheive your business success at any level!


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